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"The Future Depends On What You Do Today" -Mahatma Gandhi 


General Manager                                  Full Time

This position requires an exceptionally motivated leader whose primary focus is coaching, training and directing the service, repair and installation endeavors of the company; by setting an example of superior service, he or she leads the team to achieve budgeted gross profit requirements. 

Office hours are Monday through Friday 7:30AM - 4:30PM

I’m the best and I want to join a team that appreciates me, where I can create my own opportunities.

Who We Are

We keep on growing because we only hire the best, and our customers love us for it. We’ve been at this a long time here in Delaware and Maryland. You’ve probably seen our trucks and our ads. What you don’t know is what it’s like to be a part of a team like this. How much you feel appreciated when you don’t cut corners. How much we inspire ongoing training and education. How it feels to have customers rave about you and demand that you’re the only technician that works in their home. How much you can earn when you truly are the best. People often come to us looking for a job. They stay with us because they find a fulfilling career, room to grow, and opportunities to excel. 

The Role

We are seeking a General Manager that will lead the branch level organization to deliver world-class quality and customer service. This individual will ensure mid-level management is in place, trained, and competent in achieving desired results in the departments they manage. Additionally, this individual will foster an amazing culture amongst all teams, focused on employee development personally and professionally.

Primary Responsibilities

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:


  • Champion the culture and objectives of Expert Wire.

  • Collaborate with Expert Wire’s President & senior leaders as they focus on community outreach, local marketing, and branch strategy.

  • Maintains a high level of employee engagement and positive company culture

  • Promote enthusiasm and company brand loyalty during daily huddles, team meetings and 1:1’s, focused on employee retention.

  • Employee engagement to keep the work environment healthy by team building, leadership development, and coaching a path for growth.

  • Ensures mid-level management is in place, trained, and competent in achieving desired results in the departments they manage.

  • Management pipeline – ensures the training process is in place to develop new managers.

  • Resolve customer disputes if not settled at the manager’s level.

  • Identify learning and development opportunities for the management team and fill those needs.

  • Conducts employee performance reviews for all direct reports.

  • Always be recruiting; partner with the Recruiting Team to build pipelines for all department roles.

  • Build a high performing team through coaching, training, motivational activities, and new hire selection.


  • Champion the needs of the branch to Expert Wire HQ to meet objectives.

  • Ensure all Service System, Sales, and Installation Processes are implemented and reinforced.

  • Collaborate with dispatch by having the Opportunity Process implemented and reinforced.

  • Ensure inspections and quality of work is to our standard of excellence.

  • Manage that the Max Capacity Process is implemented and reinforced.

  • Oversee and input Daily Huddle numbers, ensure they are communicated and executed daily.

  • Review Daily Pace Report – identify department priorities, challenges, and resource needs.

  • Ensure weekly departmental meetings are held, and the content is moving us towards our goals.

  • Report to COO company meetings as instructed.

  • Partner with CFO for budgetary meetings, reporting, and requirements.

  • Work with Leadership to formulate and implement a sound business plan to reach targeted goals and revenue.

  • Leads the branch management team in a healthy way and mentors others.

  • Maintain customer satisfaction and company reputation by championing 5 star service and reviews..

  • Abide by authority and expectations set by the COO.


  • Maintain proper pricing for all departments and updates regularly, with approval from the COO.

  • Maintain and negotiate vendor contracts and relations.

  • Ensures direct cost percentages on income statements are at or above budget/at or above benchmark by department.

  • Manage and understand the P/L for the overall business

  • Responsible for achieving annual objectives regarding budgeting, profit, volume, margins and KPIs.

  • Manage expenses and inventory control.

  • Maintain a knowledge of competitors, pricing and maintain market lead.


Skills and Experience

Skills, Abilities, and Requirements:

  • Passionate about the Company Brand & Core Values

  • Communication, Oral - Ability to communicate effectively with others using the spoken word.

  • Communication, Written - Ability to communicate in writing clearly and concisely.

  • Accountability - Ability to accept responsibility and account for his/her actions.

  • Customer Oriented - Ability to take care of the customers’ needs while following company procedures.

  • Working Under Pressure - Ability to complete assigned tasks under stressful situations.

  • Problem Solving - Ability to find a solution for or to deal proactively with work-related problems.

  • Detail Oriented - Ability to pay attention to the minute details of a project or task.

  • Active Listening - Ability to actively attend to, convey, and understand the comments and questions of others.

  • Sales Ability - Ability to use appropriate interpersonal styles and communication methods to gain acceptance of a product, service, or idea.

  • Organized - Possessing the trait of being organized or following a systematic method of performing a task.

  • Assertiveness - Ability to act in a self-confident manner to facilitate completion of a work assignment or to defend a position or idea.

  • Accuracy - Ability to perform work accurately and thoroughly

If you want to be part of something bigger than just a job – make this career move and find exactly what you’re looking for. You will work in a place where you will be appreciated by your team and their customers, and where your work has a direct effect on the success of the company. If this sounds like you, please follow the link to apply for this position.

If you are self motivated, have integrity and the desire to serve others, than we want you.


Expert Wire offers a culture of growth, flexibility, and we love to provide great service. As a family owned company we value time (yours, ours, and the client's), We want you to enjoy your family also. 

Following the Christmas season of 1987, (Expert Wire's founder) David Naples' family lost their home to an electrical fire. He was five years old at the time, however the loss had a lasting impact on him. Our passion at Expert Wire, for serving our clients and providing electrical safety, sparked from that event.

Do you value integrity and professionalism? Do you value your clients satisfaction? Do you enjoy making a difference, being part of a team and take pride in your work? If so, you may be a good fit for our team.


  • Company Matched Retirement Plan

  • Highly Competitive Wages

  • Bonus Programs

  • Paid Vacations

  • Paid Holidays

  • Company Vehicle

  • On Going Training

  • Uniforms

  • Tuition Assistance

Team Training 2022_edited

Team Training 2022_edited

2019 Expert Team 6 (2)

2019 Expert Team 6 (2)

Installing A Circuit

Installing A Circuit

Brian in bucket

Brian in bucket

Inspecting the Panel

Inspecting the Panel

Good Day

Good Day

Expert team 2022 smiles

Expert team 2022 smiles

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Kondash Vector_edited

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