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4 Powerful Ways to Protect your Home

As warmer months approach and temperatures rise, so do crime rates. The U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics in a special report said "Rates of household property victimization appeared highest in summer..." But, it's not just criminals we need to watch for, electrical surges also spike as neighborhoods max out their electrical systems. We have compiled the following list of tips to protect your home and enjoy the warmer season.


1. Outdoor Lighting. Proper outdoor lighting will not only add curb appeal to your home, but also safety and security. Often times having a well lit property will deter criminal activity. Installing timers or home automation devices to control your lighting can deliver the appearance that you are home, even when your away.


2. CCTV / Video Surveillance . There are variety of camera systems, in various price ranges, on the market today including analog and IP cameras. Security cameras are a great option for increased protection of your home or business. Similar to outdoor lighting, the presence of security cameras will usually deter criminals from pursuing illegal activities. Great outdoor lighting combined with cameras is a strong preventative.


3. Surge Protection. A Surge is a high voltage electrical event that travels through your AC power, or Telecom lines, potentially damaging home electronics and appliances. Perhaps the most common source of surges, according to the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, come from inside your home. 60-80% of damaging surges are caused by electrical equipment switching on and off. Preventing surges should be done in stages, a whole home surge protection system should be installed by a qualified electrician where your utilities enter the house. The second stage can be managed with surge protection outlets or surge protection strips.


4. Automatic Stand-by Generators. Automatic Stand-by Generators allow you to maintain comfort and peace of mind, knowing that your home and family are protected from power failure. The automated start feature ensures that your home won't experience water damage (in the winter) caused by frozen pipes. According to Michael Barry, spokesperson with the Insurance Information Institute, “Making your home more storm-resistant and purchasing a home-security device are two of the best ways you can reduce your homeowners insurance rate”.

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