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4 Easy Steps to a Smarter Home

With just these 4 gentle steps, bring your house into the neighborhood of the modern smart home. Many of today's DIY's can setup most of the required equipment themselves and perhaps with the assistance of a friendly electrician, your home can be at the top of it's class in only one day. The dream is in reach, now any home can become as enterprising as the star ship itself.


Step 1­. Voice Control. Big sellers this year, you’ve probably seen them doing everything from singing whale songs to ordering Alec Baldwin’s socks. The inexpensive modern-day voice control centers can assist with many day to day tasks and integrate with other devices on your road to becoming a smart home owner. Even if you still sometimes refer to your phone as a contraption, being there with a quick weather report or help remembering all those little things on the shopping list can be appealing.


Step 2­­­. Intelligent Lighting Control. A rapidly expanding segment in the residential sector (that’s you) is lighting with brains. In a market pushed by big business where the power bills are bigger than our mortgages, the need for efficient self-controlling lights was born. Be the envy of the neighborhood with automated switches that can bring all your outside lighting together and turn them on at the exact moment the sun sets all year round. Or give the appearance of being home while you’re away with a couple smart bulbs running themselves on a schedule. These new technologies are a noninvasive and cost effective way to add some smarts to your home.


Step 3. Camera Interfaces. You can’t leave the house without seeing them anymore. In every store you go to, hanging off of every traffic light you drive under and probably tucked around more of your neighbors houses then you realize. No disputing that when the unthinkable happens handing the police a picture of the person that did it will help get you justice. The rise of the camera means high quality cameras and user friendly ways to view remotely are now more affordable than ever. So if you want to be able to survey the whole kingdom or just see who’s ringing the doorbell, the solution is only a few clicks away.


Step 4. Climate Control. Smart thermostats have been out on the market for a few years now but with a little help from other technologies are continuing to find their way into more homes every day. With scheduling options to maximize efficiency around the clock or remote adjust-ability to get things back into the comfort zone before your arrival. Pairing these thermostats with thermal control automated blinds let you still run a tight ship even when you’re away from the helm.

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