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3 Tips for DIY Television Wall Mounting

Are you tired of looking at clutter and wires running all over? Thinking about wall mounting your television? There are basically two solutions for wall mounting a television correctly. One solution (the DIY option, which is the one I will cover today) is to use a Wiremold TV Cord Cover Kit, which will allow you to give a clean, no wires appearance. The other option is to hide the wires using in wall chasing and install a 120 volt receptacle outlet (this installation should be performed by a licensed electrician only). 

1. Planning. Decide what components you want to use and what cords (such as HDMI, audio optical, ect) they will require. Selecting the cabinet or furniture you plan to use below the tv, in order to store the television components, will allow you to plan your tv mounting accordingly. 


2. Measure and Mount.  When mounting a flat screen TV, select a wall that has an available power outlet and cable outlet. Next, decide what the finished height of the television should be. Unpack both the television and the wall mount bracket (always read the manufacturer's instructions for your wall mount bracket). Measure how the mounting bracket will fit with the tv. Then, accounting for the viewing height you choose, you can layout the mounting bracket to the wall. Use a level and a pencil to mark the mounting holes in the bracket to the wall (HINT: use a thin nail to help locate the studs). Securely fasten the mounting bracket to the wall and hang the tv!  


3. Conceal the Wiring.  Utilizing a Wiremold TV Cord Cover Kit (available at most home improvement stores) is an easy and quick way to hide the wires from view. Find the center point of the tv and with a pencil, mark the location of your wiremold track. Install wall anchors to hold the wiremold track. Carefully direct all the wires into the cord cover kit and slip the cover on. After, you may paint the cover kit to match the wall, if desired. Last, make all the connections, plug in your equipment and enjoy!




Remember, be safe. Be sure you've properly disconnected the power before engaging in any electrical project. Good luck and happy hanging!

Prefer to have someone mount it for you? Get an Expert Electrician in the Delaware & Maryland beach areas.

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