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4 Warning Signs that your Delaware & Maryland Beach Area Electrician Doesn't Know What They're Doing

  Perhaps it was the apparel that prompted you to question his qualifications, or the unmarked van. Whatever it was, the reality remains: there is a plethora of home service impostors, and phony electricians aren’t an exception.

It can be frustrating to figure out if an appliance or product in your home is bad or faulty, or if it is the circuit that isn't working properly. But, what do you do if it's your Electrician that's bad? How can you separate the amateur from the professionals?

How To Tell if Your Electrician Is Bad

Getting electrical work performed in your Delaware or Maryland home can be stressful. So the last thing you want is to call on a “pro” only to get unsatisfactory work, poor results, and services that could barely even qualify as service. To be sure your getting quality electrical service, watch for these warning signs.

  • Unprofessional. Lack of respect for your home or family, foul language, and being disinterested in helping are all red flags. No one wants an unfriendly or impersonal service provider, but if someone enters your home and neglects basic social manners, you may want to have them turn right back around and just leave. A professional should be presentable (not all companies wear uniforms, and that’s perfectly fine, but one should at a minimum be clean cut and presentable!), helpful, friendly, and should make great effort to be well received in your home.

  • Unreliable. Did your electrician call (or not) to reschedule two, three times, and then show up hours late even then? We know things happen, appointments can run long and schedules can be busy, but as your electrical service provider it is our goal to make sure you get what you need, when you need it! If your electrician meagerly strolls in like they’re a gift to humanity after making you wait all day, you’ve not only found a bad electrician, but an impolite one as well!

  • Applies shortcuts. Professionals have very strict and clear guidelines and codes for the tasks they perform. If you notice signs of shortcuts being used, such as, exposed wires after the job is complete, or they refuse to clean up their work area, you’ve got a careless electrician on your hands. The work they did may not be safe! This is a great reason why keeping up with basic electrical code in your area is beneficial.


  • Lack of knowledge and being unhelpful. You're spending your hard earned money to get needed work done, and by all means you may be unsure of exactly what your need is, and have some questions. And everyone likes to be kept in the know, as to what's going on with their project. If your service provider makes you feel uncomfortable when asking questions, refuses to give clear answers, or treats you with impatience, you probably shouldn’t continue working with them.

Get an Expert Electrician in the Delaware & Maryland beach areas.

Ready to get the quality service you deserve? Contact Expert Wire Electrical Services today! At Expert Wire our primary goal is to bring you electrical safety and quality service with total satisfaction, and we’ll never leave you confused, bitter, or unhappy! Remember, leave the wiring to the Experts and have a powerful day!e’ll never leave you confused, angry, or unhappy!

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